PMP Corporation is a well established organisation having experience in International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services since 1989.

Every Business sector and every company has its specific Demands. We respond to this by proposing unique solutions tailored to specific requirement, backed up by comprehensive know-how. Which Includes Packing, Door to Door movement, Warehousing, Insurance, Refunds Claims, Liaisons with D.G.F.T. etc. Your business may need to call on one or more supply chain activities and PMP Corporation is one of the few Indian Logistics Operators Capable of performing all of them.

To achieve this, we provide expertise in the major business sectors based on your requirement and offer the support of our Business Sector Specialists, created especially for you. Our organization has single objective to ensure your Satisfaction and that of your customers also. This ambition is shared by all our employee and partners and is constantly enhanced by your continual feedback.

Your goal is to satisfy your customers. With this in mind, our teams have the same motivation in bringing added value to your Logistics Operations. 

We are recognized by the following internationally reputed association

  • FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association).
  • FFFAI (Federation of Freight Forwarders Association in India).
  • BCHAA (Bombay Customs House Agents Association).
  • Forwarders Club.