Our History

Logistics has been playing a fundamental role in Global Development for almost 5,000 years now. Since the construction of the pyramids in ancient Egypt, Logistics has made remarkable strides. Time and again, brilliant Logistics Solutions have formed the basis for the transition to a new Historical and Economic era. Examples of this Fundamental progress include the invention of the Sea-Cargo Container and the creation of Novel Service Systems during the 20th Century. Both are integral parts of Globalization today.


From Pyramid Construction to the Supply Chain

We’re proud of the PMP name. It stands for Strength, Reliability and Operational Excellence and is one of the most Professional Logistics Service Provider in India. The PMP brand has evolved greatly since its foundation in 1989. A portfolio of Historic Logistics Through our long history of Strategic Logistics, some wonderful, Historic Businesses have joined PMP. As Professional in their services areas, they have brought Diversity and Strength to PMP.


Consolidating and refreshing

Since its Inception in Mumbai, PMP has grown significantly in size, complexity and reach. In particular, our National and Overseas presence has grown. In 2005, we had a presence in only Asian Countries; today, PMP operates in a truly Global sense with a presence in more than 50 Countries around the World.


No matter where we operate and what services we’re providing, we know the path to effective, sustainable growth lies in ensuring our operations are united in their purpose. Our vision is to be a group of businesses that are individually excellent and collectively unbeatable. We also know the PMP, with its long History and its Solid Reputation is one of our most Valuable Assets.


So in 2010 a decision was made to Expand in Haz Chemicals Logistics and ISO Tanks and Flexitanks and consolidates our many verticals into a single seamless Logistics Service Provider. Our logo was revitalised to reflect our vision for the future while respecting our heritage. Our distinctive green and blue logo and livery now appears on our extensive fleet and staff uniforms.